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volume 4 · imagination and narrative · 2014


Feature Essays

The Holocaust as World History? · Doris Bergen

The Memory of Auschwitz and the Oblivion of Bloodlands · Robert Jan van Pelt

Can We Imagine What We Do Not Know? Compassionate Imagination and the Shoah · Dorota Glowacka


Subversive Aggadah: The Demotion of Imagination and Narrative in the History of Halakhic Development – The Case of the Rav Rehumi Aggadah · Michael Chernick

L’Dor V’Dor in Recent Jewish Argentinian Literature: The Role of Narrative in the Transmission of Memory · Daniela Goldfine

A Jewish Knight in Shining Armour: Messianic Narrative and Imagination in Ashkenazic Illuminated Manuscripts · Sara Offenberg

“Onstage be Peacocks and Offstage be Modest”? The Dilemma of Israeli Orthodox Actresses · Reina Rutlinger Reiner and Sarit Cofman-Simhon

Book Reviews

Reading with an “I” to the Heavens, by Angela Kim Harkins · Amy Marie Fisher

Philosophical Religions from Plato to Spinoza, by Carlos Fraenkel · Matthieu Remacle

The Other Jewish Question: Identifying the Jew and Making Sense of Modernity, by Jay Geller · Nisrine Rahal


On Imagination and Narrative in Jewish Thought · Elliot R. Wolfson


A Tale of Two Cities · Levi Cooper

Jews in Bollywood · Danny Ben-Moshe

Poems · Haim Rechnitzer


volume 3 · divine and human love · 2013


Feature Essays

What is Orientation in Thinking – and in Life, or Why is Rosenzweig Relevant Today? · Myriam Bienenstock

Franz Rosenzweig in the Twenty-First Century · Paul Franks

Franz Rosenzweig and New Thinking, Again · Robert Gibbs


For the Sake of the Righteous: Divine Love and Human Responsibility in Bereshit Rabbah · Deborah Galaski

Limited Knowledge, Unlimited Love: A Maimonidean Paradox · Michael Baris

The True Way to Loving God: Nature in the Haskala · Rebecca Wolpe

The Narrow Plank: Rosenzweig and Kierkegaard on the Possibility of Romantic Love · Sam Berrin Shonkoff

Love, Freedom, and Bondage in the Writings of Leon Roth · Benjamin Schvarcz and Edward Brodsky

Book Reviews

The Pseudoepigrapha on Sexuality, by William Loader · Erin Vearncombe

The Quest for God and the Good: World Philosophy as a Living Experience, by Diana Lobel · Yaniv Feller


Notions of Divine and Human Love in Jewish Thought · Warren Zev Harvey


A Mother’s Prayer Before Dawn · Hava Pinchas-Cohen

Request · Hava Pinchas-Cohen

The Weight of Emptiness · Hava Pinchas-Cohen


volume 2 · repentance


Feature Essays

Sacrifice and Repentance as Self-Restraint: Hans Jonas’ Ethics for a Technological Epoch · Roberto Franzini Tibaldeo

Those Who Act Out of Love: Repentance in the Law and Ethics of Kant and Rosenzweig · Yedidya Schwartz

Inward, Outward, Upward, Downward: Repentance and Redemption in the Thought of Karl Barth and Franz Rosenzweig · Jennifer M. Rosner

Rupture, Repentance, and Cultural Memory: David Weiss Halivni and the Uses of Teshuvah · David Gottlieb

The Ethics and Politics of Teshuvah: Lessons from Emmanuel Levinas and Hannah Arendt · Anya Topolski

Book Reviews

Sacred Attunement: A Jewish Theology, by Michael Fishbane · Sam Berrin Shonkoff

Spinoza and the Specters of Modernity: The Hidden Enlightenment of Diversity from Spinoza to Freud, by Michael Mack · Daniel Whistler


On Repentance · Michael L. Morgan


Sprinting Through the 60s · Anonymous

Redemption of the Field at Broadway and 88th · Anonymous

Acrostic Lament · Anonymous


volume 1 · reason and revelation


Feature Essays 

On Messianic Strains in Arendt’s Theory of Political Action · Daniel Brandes

Dialogic Monologue: Hermann Cohen’s Philosophy of Prayer · Joseph Ballen

Reason, Revelation, and Election: Hermann Cohen and Michael Wyschogrod · Samuel Hayim Brody

Religion in Public: Passages from Hegel’s Philosophy of Right · Lambert Zuidervaart

Solomon and Exemplary Sage: The Convergence of Hellenistic and Jewish Traditions in the Wisdom of Solomon · Nathalie LaCoste

The Politics of Devotion: The Influence of Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed on Spinoza’s Early Political Thought · Elizabeth Robinson

Book Review

Essays on Transcendental Philosophy, by Salomon Maimon, trans. Nick Midgley, Henry Somers-Hall, Alistair Welchman, and Merten Reglitz · Daniel Whistler


On Translation · Jessica Cohen


Exercise in Faith and Reason · Anonymous

Loving Pavlova · Anonymous

On the Meditations · Anonymous